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Bone Health

All bones in our bodies are composed of a thick outer wall and strong inner mesh, that is made up of collagen, Calcium salts and other minerals. Problems arise when this inner mesh weakens to such a degree, that the spaces become bigger, leaving bones fragile and more easily broken. Healthy bones can be maintained by increasing mineral enriched foods in your diet. Foods recommended include leafy green vegetables, Kale, chicory and watercress. Mineral enriched grains include Millet, Basmati rice and quinoa. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are also rich in minerals.

Nature’s answer to healthy bone health.

Vitamin D3 known as the sunshine vitamin, is the preferred form of Vitamin D. Vitamin D contributes to normal bone growth and development by promoting the absorption of calcium from foods.

Vitamin K2 a bio available form of Vitamin K, helps produce a specific protein, important to bone health, known as osteocalcin. Without adequate levels of Vitamin K, osteocalcin remains inactive and cannot bind calcium. This could lead to the loss of bone density.

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