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Cardiovascular Health

Heart Health

High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is manufactured in the body, by the liver and is an essential component of various hormones, cell walls etc. Problems arise when we take in too much cholesterol in our diets (from eating animal fats), in addition to the amount that is naturally produced. When cholesterol levels are too high deposits can be formed on the inside of blood vessels, leading to inflammation of the vessel and potential blockages, which then affects the health of the organs and tissues upstream from that point, which receive a decreased supply of oxygen and nutrients because of reduced blood supply

Nature’s answer to High Cholesterol

The first thing to do when cholesterol needs to be reduced is to look at the diet and reduce the intake of fats. It is important not only to get a cholesterol reading from blood tests, but also to get the ratio of HDL fats (High density “good” fats) to LDL fats (Low density “bad” fats). Aim for a ratio of 1:4 (HDL to LDL). Vegetables contain “plant sterols”, which are very similar in shape to cholesterol molecules, so the body produces less of its own cholesterol, reducing the levels in the blood, so increase levels of these while reducing fats. Supplements can also help reduce cholesterol levels, such as cumin and garlic.

High Blood Pressure

Consistently high blood pressure is dangerous to health, it can put an extra strain on the heart muscle, and cause damage kidneys and delicate vessels. A combination of high cholesterol and blood pressure can cause inflammation in the arteries which eventually lead to clots forming, as the body aims to heal the damaged tissue (Thrombosis). If a thrombus detaches from the vessel wall and travels in the circulatory system it is known as an embolism. These are potentially life threatening as they can block vessels in the heart, lungs and brain causing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. If you suffer high blood pressure you should always take medical advice

Nature’s answer to High Blood Pressure

Lifestyle factors are the main causes of high blood pressure: stress levels, diet and smoking all contribute to the risk. Hawthorn is an excellent remedy for heart problems, it can contribute to reduced blood pressure while strengthening heart function. L-Arginine is an amino acid essential for the health of blood vessels.