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Eye Health

Eye problems can be acute or chronic, linked to other diseases, or can be localized, for example, Cataracts. Maintaining healthy eyes is important, they are the organs that provide us with instantaneous visual feedback.  Like all other parts of the body, the eyes need to be nourished properly. To promote good eyesight, you must ensure your diet contains, adequate levels of B vitamins, Vitamin A,C and E. Selenium and Zinc.

A well balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit, will also keep your eyes healthy.

Macular Degeneration contributes to progressive visual loss due to the degeneration of the macular.

There are two types of Macular degeneration , Dry (atrophic) and wet exudative. With the wet type, the degeneration of the Macula is accompanied by hemorrhaging or leaking of fluid from a tiny network of tiny blood vessels, that develop under the center of the retina.

Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the clear membrane that lines the eye, it is caused most commonly by infection from viruses or bacteria, or by an allergic reaction.

Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid, most commonly caused by a bacterial infection.

Nature’s answer to maintaining healthy eyes

Gingko biloba improves circulation to the eyes.

Vitamin C may lower the risk of cataracts.

Eyebright is traditionally used for any kind of eye inflammation or eye irritation.

COQ10 a powerful antioxidant protects the macular from degeneration.

Lutein a carotenoid, found in brightly coloured vegetables helps protect the visual centre from free radical damage.

Pycnogenol a rich source of anthocyanidins may be helpful in deactivating free radicals, that may damage the eyes.