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Haemorrhoids, commonly known as “piles” are varicose veins in the anal region. These vessels can protrude from the anus and become itchy and painful. The cause of haemorrhoids is increased pressure on the blood vessels, often due to ongoing constipation, where straining to produce a bowel movement damages the vessels. The pressure put on this area during the later stages of pregnancy can also cause this problem

Nature’s answer to Haemorrhoids

 Horse chestnut is a well known herbal remedy for restoring the strength and integrity of all blood vessels in the body, including the vessels causing haemorrhoids. If diet is to blame, then look at increasing the levels of fibre in the diet. This helps to relieve constipation by assisting the movement of stools through the system. Soluble fibre is favourable, which comes from vegetable matter. Try sprinkling seeds such as flax, pumpkin or psyllium husks on cereal or salad and drinks plenty of water.