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Pregnancy & Fertility Support


The health of the reproductive systems, in men and women, is linked to the health of the rest of the body. When planning to conceive it’s always a good idea to support the health of both partners, to give the best start to the pregnancy. A good multivitamin for men or women will be designed to provide optimum support to each of the sexes. The growing foetus will especially require Folic Acid, so vitamins especially for pregnancy and conception will ensure that the levels of this supplement are adequate. Levels of B vitamins should also be at the correct level to enhance natural conception and these will be found in these products.

Difficulties in conception can arise from many complex causes, so it is always a good idea to consult your GP at first, as they can arrange for the necessary tests to shed light on any problems and will be your first port of call for any referrals to specialists in the future. However, alongside the care from your GP there are many ways that you can support the process.

Stress is often a major factor in conception difficulties, with the disruption in normal hormonal cycles caused by high levels of stress hormones interfering in the menstrual cycle, not to mention the effects of stress upon your sex life!

Also, consider the effects on the natural cycle of monthly female hormones from previous use of the contraceptive pill or implant. It can take a few months for things to settle down again after stopping a hormonal contraceptive. Herbs such as Vitex Agnus Castus have been shown to help to normalise hormone levels again.


The demands placed on the body during pregnancy are different to those at other times, with some hormonal changes being responsible for changes in mood, hair and skin and the requirements of the growing baby changing nutritional requirements. It is very important to always make sure that any herbs or supplements taken at this time are safe during pregnancy, so always check first.

Nature’s answer to pregnancy issues

The hormonal changes can increase sugar cravings for some women and cause hunger or nausea. Try not to give in to sugar cravings as unbalanced blood sugar can worsen morning sickness and although some weight gain is completely normal and natural, the celebrity trend of crash dieting after the birth can be unhealthy if not properly controlled. It’s better to only put on the necessary amount of weight through healthy eating and then lose it gradually and naturally when your body is ready. Ginger is a good way to relieve nausea, as a tea, in fizzy drinks containing the natural extract or simply chew on the root if you like the taste. A multi-vitamin devised for pregnancy will contain all the minerals you and your growing baby need at carefully calculated dosage to support you. If the herbs and supplements you would normally take become unavailable to you because they are unsuitable for pregnancy, then it might be worth considering homeopathic remedies instead. Some essential oils are still safe in pregnancy, to help sleep or relieve stress, such as lavender, neroli and rose. However we would suggest not to use essential oils in the first trimester.

Herbs that can be taken include dill and wild fennel for digestive disturbance. Magnesium may be used to aid bowel movement and chamomile for anxiety and restlessness.